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About Us

By living in the field of real estate transactions since 1984 as a registered and approved agency our team can offer you high standard service on properties purchases, sales, rentals, considerations, exchanges, constructions / buildings design, or simple management advices.

Our first concern is to meet our customers requirements. Good cooperation is always our goal because as a family business we have direct contact with every case aiming all the benefits and advantages.

By meeting all the specifications of a modern real estate agency, we can offer the best proposals in the market. Always working with the best professionals in the industry and with a clientele of both local and international clients our agency will serve you the most.

Through our new website, you can search for the property you are looking for, if you do not find the one that suits you, do not hesitate to meet with us to see your needs and try to help you with a tailored program. We guarantee that we will be at your side throughout the process till we reach the best result.